EKJ is an independent, privately owned Danish engineering consultant.

The firm was established in 1961 by Erik K. Jørgensen, and the company was converted into a limited liability company in 1978. Today, EKJ is well-consolidated with an equity capital amounting Euro 10,3 million.

65% of the share capital is held by the Erik K. Jørgensen Foundation, and the remaining 35% by company employees.

EKJ is member of FRI, The Danish Association of Consulting Engineers.

Today, the firm provides a full coverage of consulting services within the Building and Civil Works sectors. Our services range from strategic consultancy to decision makers, tendering and procurement management, risk and quality management, via traditional planning and design to construction supervision,  commissioning services and product control.

We are consultants for major infrastructure and industrial plant owners and develop and implement maintenance procedures and regimes which minimise the life-cycle cost.

In Denmark, we are amongst the five largest engineering consultants within the building sector, and provide leading edge technology and well proven solutions to offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, universities and industrial plants.

Since 1961, our experts have successfully completed more than 4,000 major and minor projects. In Copenhagen, we registered and assessed the condition of a vast number of the existing buildings near to the alignment of the Cityringen. Our engineers have been involved in protective as well as corrective actions over the past years in connection with major works in the neighbourhood.

EKJ acquired the shares in the Danish specialist consulting company, Broconsult. This company has worked for 25 years within the Danish bridge and tunnel sector.

As per beginning of 2015 EKJ has 200 staff members.

This staff is composed from a diversity of senior specialists, experienced project managers and younger ambitious project engineers. Our average age is 41 years.

More than 115 of our staff possess a degree in engineering science, or a similar academic education; out of these, more than 40 work as project managers.

EKJ’s services are adapted to the customer's needs and tailor-made for each project.

The composition of the staff allocated to a project will reflect it’s requirements to the experience and skills for optimal completion of the tasks.

EKJ offers the following services, singly or in combination, depending on the nature of the task:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Planning and programming
  • Cost-effectiveness calculations
  • Acquisition, installation and operating costs
  • Conceptual design
  • Preliminary design
  • Detail design
  • Design management
  • Procurement and contracting
  • Construction management
  • Construction supervision
  • Commissioning and building operation
  • Inspection and condition surveys
  • Inspection and survey by experts, advice in connection with arbitration
  • Quality control
  • Client’s Consultant
  • The Danish Energy Management Scheme (ELO) and energy management

Buildings and Client Advisory Services

This department performs construction management and consultancy functions as well as process monitoring.

Client consultant services are provided at all levels from small tasks to large projects, including EU tendering procedures, process management and commissions.

EKJ’ site supervision managers are responsible for the control of the contractor’s works in relation to progress, time, cost, quality and also undertake the safety coordinator role during construction.


The Buildings Department covers structural design, civil engineering works, construction technology, building physics and materials science in connection with new buildings, conversions and renovation.

The department's specialists include certified structural engineers and materials specialists as well as employees with extensive experience in building inspection and consultancy in connection with urban renewal, renovation and maintenance of building complexes.


The Mechanical Engineering Department's expertises cover all types of piped drainage systems, water supply and heating systems, fire fighting, sprinklers, air conditioning, ventilation and cooling in new build, conversion and renovation projects.

The department's staff includes experts in laboratory systems/clean room techniques, integrated energy technology solutions, indoor climate simulation, completion of building surveys for building services, and renewal and maintenance of building services.


The department covers all the professional competences for planning, design and optimization of supply systems, lighting systems and power systems associated with new buildings, conversion and maintenance. In addition, the electrical department specialises in design, operation and maintenance of 10 KV supply systems, fire extinguishing systems, AIA (Automatic Intruder Alarm) and ACS (Access Control System) security systems, including preparation of security strategies, BMS systems, new provision and expansion of existing systems, and commissioning.

The department also holds expertise within design and construction of transport systems, including lift systems and escalators.

Client Advisory

This department performs construction management and consultancy functions as well as process monitoring.

Client consultant services are provided at all levels from small tasks to large projects, including EU tendering procedures, process management and commissions.

EKJ’ site supervision managers are responsible for the control of the contractor’s works in relation to progress, time, cost, quality and also undertake the safety coordinator role during construction.

Civil Works and Environmental

EKJ's Civil Works and Environment Sector comprises four departments, Bridge and Civil Works, Rail and Metro, Roads and Environment.

The sector departments carry out environmental impact assessments, risk assessments, planning, design management, design, tendering and construction supervision for and on behalf of public authorities, contractors and private developers.

Environmental and Health and Safety Consultancy are some of our core competencies.
We work closely in teams composed across our departments. In this way, we ensure that our combined expertise will benefit each project and that our experts also build solution-oriented knowledge and experience.

An important requirement for all our staff is that they continuously develop their skills and expertise. Only in this way we live up to our goal of being frontrunners in technological solutions.

Our leaders maintain a broad professional and geographical network to colleagues, experts and firms that may be drawn upon when needed.

We keep a flat decision making structure in EKJ. This means that the people you meet from EKJ are authorized to take decisions on behalf of the firm, and that the road from idea to action is short.

Our sector is working closely with our subsidiary, Broconsult, an engineering consultant conducting inspections, load carrying calculations and planning optimal maintenance schedules for existing bridges, tunnels and other structures.

Railway and Metro

The department of Railway and Metro aim at creating a sustainable and effective rail infrastructure, and we offer consultancy from conceptual design to maintenance of railway and metro systems.

The department comprises 13 engineers, CAD designers and project assistants. The staff of employees includes certified railway engineers and programme and project managers, are all very experienced in consultancy, design, project management, supervision and safety in connection with investment of new and maintenance of existing rail and metro systems.

We are focused on meeting the wishes and needs of our customers, and emphasise the importance of offering solid and committed consultancy. We contribute to projects in close cooperation with other project disciplines (such as roads, structures etc). Our employees have thorough knowledge and experience to norms and standards for rail systems, including Banedanmark’s (Rail Net Denmark) “Banenormer”, EU’s TSIs and Bostrab, which typically applies to light rails and metro systems.

Our approach to the projects and assignments is creative and innovative supported by the use of state-of-the-art knowledge and technology. Our tools include for instance MicroStation, InRail/Power Rail Track and AutoCAD. Through our project integrated IKT management we ensured organised and constructable project deliverables, and further, we are capable of delivering project data in 3D ready for machine driven construction equipment.

Bridge and civil works

EKJ’s Department of Bridges and Civil Structures includes 9 engineers and 4 structural architects and CAD/BIM experts.

Department's services include planning and design of bridges, tunnels and other civil structures, including interim structures by Danish and international standards. Among our employees are specialists in BIM, advanced modeling, static and dynamic analysis, and staff with current understanding of materials and equipment and experience in the design of optimal solutions.

Environmental Assessment Department

The Environmental Assessment Department deals with

  • contaminated soil and groundwater
  • industrial environment, incl. green accounting and environmental management
  • product-oriented environmental assessments, including life-cycle analyses
  •  and environmental product data
  • mapping and assessment of water resources

Projects are dealt with by interdisciplinary teams comprising geologists, geographers, biologists, engineers and environmentalists.


The Department for Roads provides consultancy services ranging from concept studies to as-built documentation within the scope of planning and supervision of urban and rural roads, paths and squares and motorways and highways.

The department consists of eight engineers and CAD designers. We provide solutions for public authorities and owners, general contractors and private developers.

We always seek to achieve mutual understanding with the developer of the task, quality, scope, time and finances, and we work hard to achieve the project objectives within the agreed framework.

We challenge and think of innovative solutions, but based on known and proven methods.

Through our design we ensure that the geometric layout meets road safety and comfort – this includes optimizing of the road and pavement structure, lighting and traffic signs.

The department carries out traffic safety and accessibility audits and has extensive experience in transport planning and traffic flow on less as well as large, complex projects.

We focus on optimal and sustainable solutions in terms of expected lifetime and maintenance, and we encourage the use of recycled materials. We have extensive experience in dealing with stakeholders, authorities and the management of interfaces.

We are generally working with BIM and 3D documentation, and our tools includes MicroStation, InRoads , AutoCAD Civil , Path Planner , ROAD Equipment MMOPP Mike Urban.




TP10 - Bridges and structures
TP10 (Tender Package 10) for an approximately 3 km long stretch of the new high-speed railway between Copenhagen and Ringsted. EKJ is the leader of the consultant team and in charge of the project and design management for the consultant team services.

Cityringen –New metro in Copenhagen
When Copenhagen's new metro line, the City Circle Line, opens according to the plan in 2018, it will carry around 130 million passengers annually between the 17 new stations. The construction project is one of the largest in the history of Copenhagen.
EKJ are acting as advisors to the contractor consortium CMT.

New Odense University Hospital – OUH and SUND
With a focus on patients, staff and students, the new Odense University Hospital (OUH) and Health Sciences faculty (SUND) will naturally occupy a special place on the world map of health care. The structural relationship be-tween the university and the hospital is unique to Denmark, and provides optimal conditions for fostering clinical knowledge development, a research environment of international excellence, and a strong centre for teaching and innovation, with the Health Sciences faculty acting as the bridge between theory and practice, research and treatment.
EKJ is the consortium leader and participates in the project management, and provides engineering consultancy in all engineering disciplines, including environment and energy, in collaboration with the rest of the engi-neering team.

University of Copenhagen, South Campus (KUA 2)
The departments of Humanities, Theology, Computer Science and Law have been centralised in Ørestad, Amager, as Copenhagen University, South Campus. EKJ designed the second phase (KUA 2) with Arkitema and Balslev, which involved the total renovation and extension of half of the old KUA complex with a forthcoming gross floor area of approximately 38,000 m². The same lead consultant group will be responsi-ble for the design of the final half of the old KUA (KUA 3), which will be remodelled and enlarged in immediate extension of KUA 2. The vision for the overall complex is to create a world-class university of the future with a major focus on sustainability.


HQ location

24 million EUR (2014)


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